You Can Bank On It PART 3

Sometimes you need an angel.  They don’t necessarily have to look like an angel if their behaviour is truly angelic.  But, if they’re a godsend and also look like they should have a pair of feathered friends attached to their shoulder blades well even better. Cluttering up the minimalist décor trying to avoid the disasterContinue reading “You Can Bank On It PART 3”

You Can Bank On It! PART 2

Standing in the foyer of the bank on Parakeet Street, everyone that enters nods a head and says ‘good morning’ and  then a ‘good bye’ as they leave . I ponder the civility of it all and come to the conclusion, politely acknowledging another human being in the proximity costs absolutely nothing but makes all theContinue reading “You Can Bank On It! PART 2”

You Can Bank on It! – The Chronicles

Is opening up a bank account easy in Spain? – Yep, it’s as easy as not paying your property taxes (See pickled liver or corrupt politician – a continuation) It’s another beautiful morning and I‘ve waited patiently until the national breakfast time of 10 am has adjourned. I casually stroll down a beautiful street coveredContinue reading “You Can Bank on It! – The Chronicles”

Pickled Liver or Corrupt Politician – A Continuation

  The estate agent, a man named Bill sits opposite me with a suntan, jolly face and a back-story he’s from a small village in Wales. I listen to him rolling the Welsh double ‘LL’s in a West Midlands accent with some hidden amusement. Some shoe shuffling close to the table interrupts my thoughts; IContinue reading “Pickled Liver or Corrupt Politician – A Continuation”

Pickled Liver or Corrupt Politician?

It seems that every time I turn on the TV or open a newspaper Spain is wrapped up in yet another scandal of corruption. I wonder what latest town hall official, mayor, politician or other person of authority and influence is the latest casualty of truth and justice as I listen to the rows ofContinue reading “Pickled Liver or Corrupt Politician?”

“Oh I’m so Horny”

The centre of Valencia is a spectacular place, full of modern architecture that sweepingly and very cleverly blends the old with the new. That’s what I want to do. Blend the old with the new and integrate as seamlessly as possible into Spanish culture. Of course, I’ll never forget the old. How could I? TheContinue reading ““Oh I’m so Horny””

Secret Pizza Parties PART 4

I forget my pursuit of linguistic perfection and just yell! Chaos erupts! I am back out in the sunshine and it emits light, hope and life, not darkness and finality – or does it? A man is abruptly directed away from the door. He fails to either understand the verbal direction, move efficiently enough –Continue reading “Secret Pizza Parties PART 4”

Secret Pizza Parties PART 3

Death is so final and often so quick. I watch with horror. Yet again the streets of Madrid resemble some kind of third world chaos. Students, line the streets venting their frustration at hopeless austerity and frustration bubbles in a sea of Molotov cocktails and violence.The scene reminds me of the riots in the UKContinue reading “Secret Pizza Parties PART 3”

The Secret Pizza Parties PART 2

I arrive at the town hall office bang on 9am. There are four people in front of me all squashed on a wooden bench. Beyond the immaculate glass in all it’s air conditioned civility are the administration staff looking as fresh as a spring morn. I stand trying to milk the coke a cola machineContinue reading “The Secret Pizza Parties PART 2”

Secret Pizza Parties PART 1

I’m not a great lover of bureaucracy and had heard many a horror story (mostly from ex-pat forums) about the difficulty in obtaining your legal papers in Spain. How hard can it be? I mull this question over a lovely glass of Tinto de Verano – summer wine to me and you! This is theContinue reading “Secret Pizza Parties PART 1”