How to Cure 3 Common Ailments Without Visiting the Pharmacy

Modern medicine has its place, for me the place is a long way away as I prefer more natural or ‘herbal’ remedies. Malformationscaused However, the herbal remedy brigade is set to meet 107 billion US dollars by 2017 and there is an argument that it could become as toxic and money grabbing as the modern pharmaceutical industry.  Now, I’m not saying modern medicine isn’t beneficial because sometimes it’s very necessary but often there is more than one way around a problem.  Herbalism is growing because people are becoming more concerned with side effects and how and where their drug of choice has been tested. Lots of us remember the Thalidomide disaster which left many unborn babies with severe deformities.  For a list of recent drugs that were approved and later recalled due to significant harm even after passing the testing process you can click Here

blackberry-bush-728x728There are some common plants available growing wild in most English speaking countries that you can collect while out walking in the lovely autumn weather.  Just think, you are killing two birds with one stone.  Not only are you taking some moderate exercise and breathing in some fresh air which in turn will help with your stress levels but you can collect some very common plants that you can dry or process and keep them for a day when perhaps your feeling a little under the weather.

The Common Blackberry Bush – Diarrhoea, fevers and any sores that are proving difficult to heal

This plant is so common it can easily be identified, the fruit tends to be abundant from September onwards and you can collect this to make a delicious crumble or pie which you can pad out with apples if you think blackberries are a little on the sharp side.

Diarrhoea is a common thing for some people, especially if they work with children, elderly or in a care setting where once one person has a bout it really does the rounds.  Likewise, if you know of anyone that suffers from diabetes then you are probably aware of how difficult it is for sufferers to heal from any kind of cut and they really can be bothersome leading to a merry go round of antibiotics, low immune system, another illness.

For a natural remedy the root and the leaves are the part that you need.  If you don´t fancy trying to navigate the prickles then just carefully collect some leaves.

Weigh out 1 oz / 28g of leaves or root, wash gently with cold water and infuse the now clean leaves into 1 pint / 568 ml of boiling water .  This can then be allowed to cool and administered in the following ways.

1. Take 2 fluid ounces / 56 ml up to 8 times a day to ease diarrhoea, and/ or a fever.  As always if symptoms persist then you should seek the advice of a doctor.  I for one have used this remedy effectively several times, especially as I work with children and am always subjected to their ‘germs’.

2. Take the fresh berries from the tree (you can dry them gently in an oven if you want to store them for longer periods), wash them gently with cold water and pat dry with a clean towel.  Take anything you have in the kitchen that is suitable and mash them so that all the juice, fruit and pips are combined.  Place this on the troublesome cut or sore and cover it with something clean to stop you colouring your clothes with the red colouring.  Change this dressing two to three times a day.

  1. To make this remedy more effective then you can mash the berries with some mulberries if they are available.

If you choose to dry the berries they are best done under the sun in a pillow case on a metal rack, however, not all countries have sufficient sunshine during the autumn.  Therefore, you can place them in an oven at the lowest setting, or you can place them in the oven several times over a few days if you are cooking dinner – but only after you have finished and the oven is switched off and cooling.

To reconstitute the berries you can soak in boiled water and leave over night.  Or, if you want to make the more effective recipe for the really troublesome sores or cuts then you can soak in some mulberry juice.


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