The Prestige of Lies!

WANT THE TRUTH? Read on…… Today is the 11th Anniversary of the Prestige Disaster.  Three men are being tried in the Higher Courts in Spain, yet the real criminals remain unpunished and cloaked in Government protection so Justice….can not be done. On November 13 2002, a tanker registered to the Bahamas in the name ofContinue reading “The Prestige of Lies!”

A Party On A Chicken’s Lip PART 2

I arrive at the plaza with a good dose of enthusiasm and curiosity.  This is my first fiesta as a new resident of the village. I greet Pedro and his eyebrows raise in what appears to be surprise that I am attending the local shin dig.   Wouldn’t miss it for the world!  Where elseContinue reading “A Party On A Chicken’s Lip PART 2”

A Party on A Chicken’s Lip

To me, being natively English speaking the word ‘Fiesta’ means a smallish economical car made by the Ford Motor Company.  To the Spanish, the word ‘fiesta’ means any excuse to have or as they say, ‘make’ a party!  And, when I say ‘make’ a party….that is exactly what I mean.  They really do make their own fun.Continue reading “A Party on A Chicken’s Lip”

Dear Intruder – (An Open Letter)

The Epilogue to the series ‘While You Were Out – KAMA Called  Dear Intruder,  That night you broke into my house I sensed you before I saw you.  I sensed your menace.  After all, if not for menace why would you break into the house of a lone female at 3 AM?  I can’t say exactlyContinue reading “Dear Intruder – (An Open Letter)”


Dear  readers and fellow bloggers,  Welcome to the blogging equivalent of the adverts.  For those of you following the series ‘While You Were Out’ – Kama called the break in continuity is a bit annoying (Lisa??) But, these next few days are important to me and when I actually pen the conclusion to the KamaContinue reading “THE ANNOYING INTERVAL”

PART 5 While You Were Out – KAMA Called

Not being blessed with the best eye sight in the world means I have to lean a little closer.  Besides, looky looky is whispering and I can’t hear him over the chat in the bar – or the rain pounding outside.    My curiosity is piqued by this dark and beautiful stranger.  I wonder ifContinue reading “PART 5 While You Were Out – KAMA Called”

While You Were Out – KAMA Called PART 3

  I want to stand outside the train station.  After all it’s got a huge clock that even my eyes can see and I’m counting down the minuets until I get to see my man.  It’s been a six long weeks since I passed through airport security and sat in departures – alone.  Madre Mia..WhatContinue reading “While You Were Out – KAMA Called PART 3”

PART 3 The Toothbrush Tantrums

Have you ever told a lie for someone else and then ended up regretting it?  Or perhaps kama has given you a gentle reminder that it is indeed a bad thing to do.  I arrive home from work.  Bag on my shoulders, sweat dripping.  Even though it’s getting on for late evening the city isContinue reading “PART 3 The Toothbrush Tantrums”

How I Kissed 20 Men in One Day: THE FINAL

    Boss man is quick off the mark to begin an anticipated explanation.      This is the workforce…  No shit Sherlock! I wonder if my face conveys – yes I know!  He progresses undeterred by my inner thought processes or my face.    The company, despite the office space with a difference is inContinue reading “How I Kissed 20 Men in One Day: THE FINAL”