The Prestige of Lies!

WANT THE TRUTH? Read on…… Today is the 11th Anniversary of the Prestige Disaster.  Three men are being tried in the Higher Courts in Spain, yet the real criminals remain unpunished and cloaked in Government protection so Justice….can not be done. On November 13 2002, a tanker registered to the Bahamas in the name ofContinue reading “The Prestige of Lies!”

Dear Intruder – (An Open Letter)

The Epilogue to the series ‘While You Were Out – KAMA Called  Dear Intruder,  That night you broke into my house I sensed you before I saw you.  I sensed your menace.  After all, if not for menace why would you break into the house of a lone female at 3 AM?  I can’t say exactlyContinue reading “Dear Intruder – (An Open Letter)”

The Secret Pizza Parties PART 2

I arrive at the town hall office bang on 9am. There are four people in front of me all squashed on a wooden bench. Beyond the immaculate glass in all it’s air conditioned civility are the administration staff looking as fresh as a spring morn. I stand trying to milk the coke a cola machineContinue reading “The Secret Pizza Parties PART 2”