The Christmas Chronicles Part 2 – Santa’s Stress

Follow Santa on a modern day journey Part 1 Santa Does Duty Free Part 2 Santa Does Duty Free Santa looks at Mother Christmas’s suitcase…bloody hell she’s got enough footwear to shoe the entire brigade of reindeers! He stops himself and deliberately tries to think of something else. Things were never quite the sameContinue reading “The Christmas Chronicles Part 2 – Santa’s Stress”

Santa Does Duty Free – Part 2, The Christmas Chronicles

Pulling his keys from his pocket Santa unlocks the door.  “Hi honey I’m home” Home….the place where you shut the door on the world, slump in your favourite armchair, turn on the TV and ignore the fact that your four months behind with the mortgage. Mother Christmas kisses Santa gently on his cheek before handingContinue reading “Santa Does Duty Free – Part 2, The Christmas Chronicles”

Where Are You Mr Melon Man? PART 4

  The thing about waiting is that while your consciously doing it, nothing seems to progress at lightening speed.   I am waiting for the melon man to arrive.  While I wait and wait some more I begin to think the psychic perception is a little off key.  That old friend called doubt begins toContinue reading “Where Are You Mr Melon Man? PART 4”

Where Are You Mr Melon Man PART 3

I look at the clock It’s 1pm, and five minutes later than I last looked.  I’m ready to go.  Well, I say ready – I’m physically ready.  I’m washed, dressed and I have some wine and homemade biscuits to take with me.  I look at the clock again jeez what do you expect it to do?Continue reading “Where Are You Mr Melon Man PART 3”

Where Are You Mr Melon Man? PART 2

Our first perceptions of someone are the ones that really count.  That five to twenty second all inclusive sense busting moment where you can’t help but evaluate aspects of someone’s outer wrapping.  Somehow that outer wrapping acts as a map to a person’s inner psyche.   Some of us are better at psyche map readingContinue reading “Where Are You Mr Melon Man? PART 2”

Where Are You Mr Melon Man? PART 1

 one positive side to having all your possessions stolen is you can’t sit in front of the TV all day.  Even if I’d still managed to hang on to the TV, I wouldn’t have had any electricity anyway!  With everything ‘gone’ aka stolen, during the first two days of arrival the solar panels and theContinue reading “Where Are You Mr Melon Man? PART 1”

A Party On A Chicken’s Lip PART 2

I arrive at the plaza with a good dose of enthusiasm and curiosity.  This is my first fiesta as a new resident of the village. I greet Pedro and his eyebrows raise in what appears to be surprise that I am attending the local shin dig.   Wouldn’t miss it for the world!  Where elseContinue reading “A Party On A Chicken’s Lip PART 2”

A Party on A Chicken’s Lip

To me, being natively English speaking the word ‘Fiesta’ means a smallish economical car made by the Ford Motor Company.  To the Spanish, the word ‘fiesta’ means any excuse to have or as they say, ‘make’ a party!  And, when I say ‘make’ a party….that is exactly what I mean.  They really do make their own fun.Continue reading “A Party on A Chicken’s Lip”